Splitting open the sealed unit...


Splitting open the sealed unit..stage 2


Refurbish the spacer bar frame...


Re-assemble and re-seal the unit...


Re-fit the sealed unit...



































Misted Sealed Units

My DIY Repair of Misted Double Glazing Units


STEP 7 - Refit the refurbished sealed unit in the window frame....


As with the removal of the sealed unit, the particular procedure for its re-fitting to the frame will depend on your frame type - I can't offer much help here I'm afraid.


On my window the unit is fitted from the outside - with care taken to make sure it went back in the same way it came out - ie with the leaded bars properly lined up with the neighbouring panes.



Misted sealed double glazing

Failing sealed double glazing unit - moisture induced misting developing between the panes...


Refurbished sealed double glazing

After the repair - misting gone and as clean as you make them....... glass, spacer bars and corner keys all re-used.


It's only been six months since I refurbished the first of my misting sealed double glazing units, so I'm not yet able to judge the longer term durability of the repair yet - however they are all looking good with no signs of problems so far. The life of the repair will depend on how well the silicone sealing holds out and how well the generic silica gel desiccant performs.


(See the April 2012 update for improvements to the process by reconditioning the glazing desiccant.)


The cost of the repair was minimal compared to cost of new double glazing for the house - the major part is my time to do the work. Material bought was the silicone sealant, the silica gel, Stanley knife blades, window cleaning spray etc


Given the very low cost I think it has been a worthwhile exercise and should put off a good few years the evil day when we have to give up on our old timber farmed windows and fork out for a new set of windows for the house.


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