Splitting open the sealed unit...


Splitting open the sealed unit..stage 2


Refurbish the spacer bar frame...


Re-assemble and re-seal the unit...


Re-fit the sealed unit...

















































Misted Sealed Units

My DIY Repair of Misted Double Glazing Units


STEP 3 - Open-up the sealed unit (continued)......


Once the top pane is free from the spacer bars turn it over so that the inside face is now on the top.

Cleaning split sealed double glazing

Step 3 cont. - reverse the top pane and clean-up the edges

Cleaning split sealed double glazing

thoroughly clean the glass

With the sharp Stanley knife remove any residual sealant from around the pane edge. This doesn't need to be perfect, but leave the surface as clean as you can. The pane will bond better later if you have removed all of the old sealant from the surface. On my units the old rubber sealant shaved off cleanly if I made sure the blade I was using was sharp.


Now thoroughly clean the surface of the removed pane. This is your first opportunity, but not the last, to remove any staining on the glass. On all of the units I have repaired the internal marking on the glass has just cleaned off, but I imagine there might be some out there that are more permanently damaged. If they are you should decide now whether or not to replace the glass pane with a new one.


Stand the cleaned top pane in a safe place away from your work area until it is needed again later.





Now remove the bulk of the remaining sealant on the frame.  Carefully slice vertically along the outside edge of the aluminium spacer bars - take care not to cut into the aluminium.


Then follow this with a horizontal cut along the top surface of the bottom glass pane. The old sealant should come away. Do this all around the perimeter of the unit.

Splitting misted sealed double glazing

..vertical cut against the spacer..

Splitting misted sealed double glazing

..slice away the old sealant..

Split misted sealed double glazing


Next cut between the upper surface of the bottom glass pane and the bottom surface of the spacer bars to remove the spacer bar frame from the glass.


Do this with several careful shallow cuts rather than a single deep one - you don't want to damage either the glass or the spacer bar. On my units the spacers were only bonded lightly to the glass so this wasn't too difficult. Don't force anything......you don't want any breakages.

Cutting sealant on misted sealed double glazing

Slice between the spacer and the glass to remove the spacer

Spacer bars on misted sealed double glazing

...lift off the spacer frame and set aside...

Once you have cut all the way around the aluminium spacer frame it can be lifted away from the glass pane - set the frame aside for the moment (put it well away from your feet - it isn't strong and you really don't want to stand on it).



All that is left now is the lower glass pane - with your sharp Stanley knife shave off any remaining sealant on the glass. Leave the surface as clear as possible to ge the best bond when you re-seal the unit later.

Cleaning split misted sealed double glazing

Cleaning split misted sealed double glazing

If there is any sealant or putty on the bottom surface of the pane remove this also.


Then thoroughly clean both sides of the remaining pane. You can see on this one that the pane is leaded - cleaning is easier on unleaded glass. Clean as thoroughly as you can, then set the pane aside. You can have another shot later to make sure there are no residual smears on the glass before the unit is re-sealed.



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